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Have you ever wondered who is our genie inventing the wonderful blog posts about the casino industry? Benjamin Web talks about his dreams and career goals in the near and distant future. A graduate of Goldsmiths University, he has proven us that casino entertainment is not always about the excitement, but he also refers to the impacts on society and gaming laws. Get to know more about the bright mind behind the blog articles on in the sections below.

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Personal Information
  • Born: 15 February 1991, Winchester, Wessex
  • Education: BA Journalism, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Job: Editor, Author, Blogger
  • Favorite thought: Happiness is a light, an atmosphere, an illumination. It sets a personality. I always feel that it is a creation that is difficult for some and easy for others, but essentially an achievement, never an accident.

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Last Updated on 30 Sep 2020 by Chief Editor Benjamin Webb

Hello to all my readers. My name is Ben and I’m the freshest member of our close-knitted team. Currently, I’m the one in charge of the blog content on this website, but not only.

Early Inspirations of a Writer
Looking back to my teenage years, I urgently needed an outlet for all the thoughts reeling in my head. So, I did an extensive analysis, each few pages long, to understand better what my problem was. Nonetheless, my casino passion happened much later in my life when I was actually legally allowed to enter a casino property. Long before the casino involvement, I knew one thing for sure. I was going to become a great writer and believe or not – I still have literary ambitions for awards and prizes.

The Dawn of University Era
The School of Journalism at Goldsmiths University boosted my confidence to an unrecognizable level. Apart from my passion for the art of writing, I was quite excited about reporting as I felt that it was my duty to spread awareness about any topic. So, I joined a Thursday evening club for writing buffs where experienced writers were sharing their advice and providing help with different pieces.

The Gambling Spark in my Heart
Мy gambling obsession came just about a month after the official graduation ceremony. I remember precisely the evening when the adrenaline rush of excitement sparked a raging fire throughout my whole-body anatomy. And I don’t even recall being that passionate for any gorgeous female in all my painful honestly. The night-to-remember was, in fact, the stag party of my much older brother. Obviously, he was just about to get married, so we had to go wild. We were at one of the top prestigious casinos in London. And I’m in fond memories of placing bet chips on European Roulette table and having no idea at all what I was doing at the time but somehow have collected a winning sum of almost £5000. In comparison to this promising win, revealing our inhibitions costed us about a quarter of thousand pounds. Needlessly to mention that our relatives were well-thrilled with this casino outing.

Why the Career of a Casino Expert?

I couldn’t help but wonder about the mechanism of roulette tables and the casino games in general after my brother’s celebration. Apart from studying extensive roulette theories correlating the mass of the gaming table and the speed of spinning with the drop-off point of the ball, I had attended seminars from the most famous bad boy in the 21-casino story, Robert Griffin, winning million dollars on blackjack tables out of 21 casinos located in Las Vegas. Unquestionably, having obtained a restricted access to the casino clubs afterwards, nowadays, the Griffin Business provides assistance and resources to the casinos seeking protection from unfair players.

Thus, I became a great fan of the successful winning stories in this secretive business. Moreover, the casino industry requires old-styled Nobile chivalry to investigate a wide scope of perspectives and inform about the dangers in addition to the light-hearted articles. Formerly, the education at Goldsmiths University had been catering for my ability to deliver coherent content to the general public. My colleagues often have a good banter as I have turned into a ninja master in digital coding and media. Have your laugh at my expense, but I’m not missing the World Gaming Expo held in Monaco during the first week of December.

The Company That Allows to Pursue Interests

My work at is certainly a fallen star wish to have become a reality. I get to the bottom of the issue to extract the essentials and transmit my knowledge to others. Despite that, I take pleasure in accomplishing research about rituals for gambling luck and top gambling destinations. However, casinos are not always an innocent affair and when UK laws fail to protect players, media has the tools to unite people on the battlefield for justice. Top favourite stories of mine relate to:

At the moment, my colleagues and I have been focusing on establishing a trustworthy platform of casino reviews and bonus systems for new customers and people who are now making their first steps in the gaming industry. Our next strategic move would be to provide detailed news about casino businesses for the experts out there.

A Piece of More About Me

If you didn’t get into the casino industry, what would you be writing about?

Hmm..that is one of tough cookie question. Writers usually possess natural curiosity about matters, so they go and dig deeper until they feel satisfied with their results. Certainly, they are unfortunate cases when journalists and investigators are crossing the limits in the name of the game. However, I stop rambling. To answer your question, I’d probably be writing about hot-potato justice issues in society. It is what I’m most interested in. And I feel somehow the casino industry allows me to lead this underground battle in a field that is both entertaining and hazardous for the consumer. You have all heard about gaming addictions and we would like to promote conscious gambling via the Or else, if the company does not bring value to the people’s lives the business becomes pointless for us.

What would you do if you knew that your kids have taken interest in gambling and their attention has been sparked when you have been discussing a current issue for example at dinner time?

That would probably be a nightmare for every parent. That is why we need laws to regulate the access of minors to the casino clubs. Although, in Britain you could go to a ‘fake’ casino and gamble with tokens in exchange for your real cash. This type of entertainment and approach is not exactly helpful in solving gambling anxieties. However, I’d most likely explain them the reasons for which gambling is classified as a highly adventurous activity. And expecting that they would be clever enough to listen.

What is your ritual to unwind when work gets you stressful?

One thing that works every single time as a miracle therapy is swimming. I usually lead a health-oriented lifestyle, so sports are always part of my weekly schedule. I also love going for a walk with my dog in the nearby forest. Fresh air helps clear my head for a bit.

Benjamin Webb